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Katsucon 2014

so its that time of the year again. when Katsucon rolls around and time to freak out go big or go home. great! I plan on going big! :D lol well I am very excited for Katsu this year. since the jews wont be there this time. lol so I’m going bring a few snakcs cause I’m low on money and have to pay for gas and stuff comes first. but I do need two wigs cause I’m not aloud to buy anything offline any more. so either make it or not have it. :P and I derped in my line up by mistake and told one of the guys who is doing my photo shoot I was going death on firday oh well. I’ll be him firday and saturday. :D

here is my line up


Jellal fairy- tail and human Luna- sailor moon.


Judal - magi

lord death - soul eater(cause I derpped. oh well)

Tashigi - one piece

Snow white (for the ball) - snow white Diseny.

Jean - attack on Titan

Lord Death - soul eater


Inu Yasha - Inu Yasha

so, I’ve been working on Ttuffnut from how to train your dragon before stuff happed with my family, etc death, drama. and I really just want to make a zipple back. like really bady I want to make him. and since my cosplay for Katsucon is like almost done, just waiting for stuff to dry and I need to go to home depo for my attack on titan stuff. like rope and stuff. and I also have to et nails for Inu Yasha, and maybe a cat tail for Luna. which should be cheap. my mom probable take me to Jo anna unless soemthing comes up since they are moving and have really good deals, there since there moving in March.  so yea that great!. so I was a bit down today cause of few thing that happened. one being my sister being a huge dick head towards me like not going lie. it was uncalled for. but I really need to get out of this funk and keep my head up and move forward. I can’t let stuff like that bother me any more. so  I wont let it bother. I gotta LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOO LET IT GOOOOO!! lol in Elsa words. by the way for animenext making Anna dress, so look out for Anna!! :D

selling cosplay

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